Remarks of the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands on China-related motions proposed by the Dutch Parliamentarians

On Nov 30,Dutch parliamentarians presented several China-related motions, what’s your comment?

We firmly oppose such motions which are based on false information, interfere with China’s internal affairs and harm Sino-Dutch bilateral cooperation.

Under the guidance of open and pragmatic partnership for comprehensive cooperation between China and the Netherlands, the two countries in recent years have made fruitful achievements in various areas including trade, investment and local exchanges, bringing benefits to both our countries and peoples. These achievements couldn’t be made without joint efforts from people of our two countries, and should be cherished with special care. The one-China principle is the political foundation of bilateral relations between China and other countries including the Netherlands, the resolve of the Chinese people to defend our national sovereignty & territorial integrity is unswerving. The Chinese people have the best say in the human rights situation in China, the attempt to smear China with so-called human rights issues and thus disturb China’s development and stability is doomed to fail.

At present, the world needs solidarity more than ever, openness, inclusiveness and win-win cooperation is the only way for all countries to get out of the haze of the pandemic. We urge the Dutch parliamentarians to abandon bias towards China, redress their wrong words and actions, and do more for Sino-Dutch friendship and cooperation.