Comments of the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands on the Publishment of Additional Export Measures for Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment by the Dutch Government

On June 30, the Dutch government officially published additional export measures for advanced semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands has the following comments:

We have taken note that the Dutch government has published additional export measures for advanced semiconductor manufacturing equipment. This is an abuse of export control measures and seriously disrupted free trade and international trade rules. The Chinese side firmly opposes it.

At present, the global semiconductor industry has formed an structure in which all sides are deeply intertwined. China is the world's largest semiconductor market and an important part of the global semiconductor supply chain. To introduce restrictions in the name of the so-called "national security" are completely unreasonable and untenable. Setting up barriers in the field of science and technology has no legal or moral basis. This kind of act will not only damage the legitimate rights of Chinese companies, but also cause losses to Dutch companies, destabilize the global industrial and supply chains and hurt the good reputation of the Netherlands in supporting free trade.

It is known to all that for a period of time, certain major country have repeatedly overstretched the national security concept, abused export control measures, viciously blocked and suppressed Chinese companies, and coerced allies to participate in economic containment against China. We call on the Dutch side to bear in mind the larger interest of safeguarding international trade rules and bilateral economic and trade cooperation, immediately correct its wrongdoings. China will resolutely safeguard its legitimate rights and interests. In the meantime, we are also ready to work with the Dutch side to address the issue based on the principle of mutual benefit, so as to jointly promote the healthy development of Sino-Dutch economic and trade relations.